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At Caravel, we bring a depth of experience across all areas of practice. Our experts are prepared to support you through all of your legal needs, both the large long-term projects and your smaller, day-to-day initiatives. Whatever your legal needs, we are here to support you. Our practice areas include:  

Corporate, Transactional & Commercial

Caravel Law’s lawyers have years of experience working within companies, giving them the depth of operational experience and collaborative values that simply do not exist when relying on the traditional outside law firms (after all, that’s why you call them “outside” counsel). After years of practicing in-house as many of our lawyers have, you develop skills, insights and a business-mindedness that simply can’t be replicated from an isolated Bay Street office tower. Our lawyers will help your legal department and your business. 

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One of our core values is to make partner-level legal expertise accessible to businesses of all sizes. This is especially true in litigation matters. We have a team of seasoned litigators prepared to support you through a wide variety of cases ranging from employment matters, to contract and shareholder disputes, and restructuring work. Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to these issues, so businesses of all sizes should have access to legal counsel that can help them reach a reasonable resolution. 

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Intellectual Property

The intellectual property of a business is often one of its most important assets. Protecting your intellectual property can be a tedious, but necessary, process. At Caravel Law, our lawyers bring years of rigorous training and practical insight to the table. Having worked as in-house lawyers responsible for protecting their company’s IP portfolio, and at IP-focused law firms, our team is among the best in the business.

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Interpreting the complicated legalese around employer-employee relationships can be difficult. Caravel’s experienced legal team assists both employers and individual employees in all areas of employment and labour law, working to remove any vagueness and ensure the pursuit of best practices. We will work closely with you to understand your unique employment challenges and achieve an outcome that meets your individual or business needs.

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The international recruitment of skilled workers is an increasingly regular practice for many Canadian, and international, companies. Caravel Law understands this and can help direct you through the complex maze of immigration laws and regulations. Our immigration lawyers work to understand your specific situation and develop an equally specific method of approach. 

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Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established brand looking to expand, choosing to grow your business is an important decision to take on. Caravel Law’s team of legal counsel is dedicated to assisting both franchisers and franchisees in all areas of franchise law. We focus on the legal hurdles so you can focus on growing your business. 

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