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At Caravel, we bring a depth of experience across all areas of practice. Our experts are prepared to support you through all of your legal needs, both the large long-term projects and your smaller, day-to-day initiatives. Whatever your legal needs, we are here to support you. Our practice areas include:  


Our team of legal experts understand that legal compliance is the key to a business’s long-term success, they also understand that navigating legal expectations can be a headache. Our team is here to support you through corporate restructuring, federal and provincial incorporations, shareholder agreements, or any hurdles your business might face. Whether you’re looking for someone to be integrated into your team, join for a specific project, or an additional ongoing resource to support as needed – Caravel’s corporate lawyers are here to help maintain the legal health of your business.

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Caravel’s team of commercial lawyers has supported start-ups, major international goods and service providers, and everything in-between. No matter the client or the circumstances, our lawyers work with long term goals in mind. We help with your commercial contracts, compliance, and risk management now so your business can build on top of a strong foundation rather than face complex and costly legal challenges down the road.

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Financing rounds, M&A deals, IPOs – we know how complex these things can be. Caravel’s transactional lawyers are at your disposal, whether you need them to lead the way through a deal or support your existing legal team through a transaction. Their diverse portfolio of experience and flexibility will ensure that they’re available to adapt to fit the needs of your specific business and ensure that no box goes unchecked.


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Caravel’s team of expert litigators bring partner-level quality at a fraction of the standard cost. Our flexibility and affordability are by design to ensure that you can get the top-notch support you deserve. Caravel’s team of litigators bring a wealth of experience ranging from employment matters to contract and shareholder disputes to restructuring work. Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to these issues, so businesses of all sizes should have access to legal counsel that can help them reach a reasonable resolution.

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Intellectual Property

Having worked as in-house lawyers responsible for protecting their company’s intellectual property portfolio, and at IP-focused law firms, our team of IP lawyers are among the best in the business. Caravel’s lawyers understand the fine details of IP law and use their knowledge and practical experience to bring valuable insights and a tailored course of action to the table to ensure your business’s IP is well protected.

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Information Technology

A well drafted privacy policy, terms and conditions page, or licensing agreement is a well laid foundation. Caravel Law understands this and has brought together a team of Information Technology (IT) experts who offer a wealth of diverse knowledge and experience to ensure that, whatever your needs are, we have an IT wizard prepared to support you and your business. We monitor IT expectations and regulations to maintain your compliance and your success. 


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Interpreting the complicated legalese around employer-employee relationships can be difficult. Caravel’s experienced legal team assists both employers and individual employees in all areas of employment and labour law, working to remove any vagueness and ensure the pursuit of best practices. We will work closely with you to understand your unique employment challenges and achieve an outcome that meets your individual or business needs.

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The international recruitment of skilled workers is an increasingly regular practice for many Canadian, and international, companies. Caravel Law understands this and can help direct you through the complex maze of immigration laws and regulations. Our immigration lawyers work to understand your specific situation and develop an equally specific method of approach. 

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Franchises have a unique business structure that raises their own unique challenges. Caravel’s experts understand the ways in which franchisers/franchisees are set apart in their business and legal needs. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established brand looking to expand, choosing to grow your business is an important decision to take on. We focus on the legal hurdles so you can focus on growing your business.

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Privacy and Data Security

Caravel’s team of legal counsel understands the nuances of privacy and data security from a business and legal perspective. Combining private practice and in-house experience, our privacy lawyers’ top priority is to provide preventative support rather than operate solely as damage control. We take the time to understand your specific circumstance to ensure that we can operationalize data security and implement privacy procedures in a way that is tailored to your business needs.


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