Corporate Secretary

At Caravel, we believe that finding a valuable legal partner for your growing business is a critical part of your journey. We also firmly believe that good legal support should come at a reasonable price. Our outsourced Corporate Secretary, Governance and Continuous Disclosures services have been designed to provide you with the legal support your business needs to operative effectively at a reasonable price relative to expensive traditional law firms. Our team is ready to step into the role of Corporate Secretary, provide support around corporate governance and help manage continuous disclosure requirements at a fraction of the cost paid to your traditional law firm.

Corporate Secretary

We take on much of your tedious Corporate Secretary work. That means we help you prepare your Board and Board Committee materials, attend your Board and Committee meetings, help prepare meeting minutes, and make sure you don’t miss critical follow-up items.

Board Management & Corporate Governance

We help you navigate complex Board conversations and act as your legal and governance counsel. We help you setup a strong corporate governance program and manage your various governing committees to ensure they operate efficiently.

Continuous Disclosure

We help draft, file and support you with all your continuous disclosure requirements including your Annual Information Forms, Management Information circulars, Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A), Material Change Reports, News Releases relating to material changes and earnings releases.

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