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Caravel Law is a leader in legal innovation across Canada. Through a vigilantly maintained, low overhead cost structure, we are able to provide quality legal advice at pricing that is significantly lower than traditional law firms. With experience across all industry sectors and from both traditional law firms as well as in-house counsel, our team of senior, business savvy lawyers are ready to deliver for all clients. We focus on happy clients and happy lawyers.

Many traditional firms have multiple layers of staff, which lead to a higher billing structure for clients.  Caravel only hires experienced lawyers and we charge at a flat rate per hour.  No surprises! The quality of both the work and the expertise can outpace the market, while the billing is reflective of our unique and innovative structure. Whether you need support directly in house as counsel, in a fractional capacity, or just for a singular project, our team is skilled and ready to support you.

Our team is flexible to the needs of the client. We have lawyers across the country and with extensive experience working both in-house and remotely. Working with our Happiness Team, we will determine what the best solution would be for you.

We have experienced lawyers from all aspects of the business and legal world.  All of the lawyers that work with Caravel have come on board because they respect and appreciate the fresh approach that we deliver. Each lawyer is familiar with the more traditional model of a law firm, or with the intricacies of being in-house counsel, and is committed to deliver those same levels of legal counsel, but in our unique and forward-thinking manner.  All of our lawyers are listed on this site – check out their bios here!

Here is where you will notice the biggest difference.  While we have lawyers with the same skill set as the bigger firms, we have eliminated many of the standard overhead costs that creep into your bill.  We charge a flat hourly rate that is for the services of an experienced lawyer.  Simple as that! Our Happiness Team has extensive knowledge of what types of projects and services are required by both small and large organizations. We work with you on your overall requirements and deliver a solution that is best for you and your legal needs. Whether you are a single entity, a start-up or an established, scaled company, we can help!

We embrace it from the beginning of the process right through to the end! We have found incredibly efficient sources of technology that help with client onboarding, secure communications, project management and much more, all in an effort to deliver effective legal support for our clients. We are not an old school firm who hasn’t moved into the next generation, we are leading it.

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The level of support you require will determine how much time a Caravel lawyer will work directly with you. We ensure that there are never conflicts of interest, and rest assured that our legal team has the highest professional standards and ethics. Our approach is that you will have a senior, experienced lawyer working with you, and you will not be passed on to junior associates with limited knowledge. At no time will you ever feel that you are not a priority – that is a Caravel promise.

From an overarching perspective, we stand alone in terms of how we run our business and serve our clients.  Our clients are diverse, their needs broad-ranging, and we have solutions that deliver to each high standard.  We are not a traditional law firm and we do not practice in a traditional manner.  For us, clients come first and we have figured out a way to serve them ALL in a new and effective approach.  Still not convinced? Check out OUR APPROACH and you will see what we mean!

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