If you are interested in exploring life outside the traditional law firm setting or beyond the confines of a cubicle in a single organization, we just might be able to offer you the ideal work environment. In many instances, that could turn out to be your home office, giving you the best of both worlds – the fulfilling, stimulating, problem-solving kind of legal work you excel at and the freedom to enjoy more of all the other things you love. Sound refreshing? It should!


"Caravel Law provides me with a variety of interesting and challenging work on an autonomous and flexible basis that I can shape around my own career goals. I also appreciate the efforts of the principals to create a collaborative team atmosphere and to find great clients, including many entrepreneurial ventures. I would recommend Caravel Law to any mid to senior level lawyer seeking interesting work, the ability to work within businesses and great work-life balance for whatever their outside interests might be. Caravel Law lets me focus on doing the best work for the client, at reasonable rates and with a solid, online infrastructure at my fingertips."

- Frank Giblon, Lawyer

"As a parent of a young child, Caravel Law provides me with the flexibility to spend more time at home and to do intellectually stimulating legal work of a broad variety. I believe that I have found, with Caravel Law, the perfect balance between my career, financial and personal objectives to truly say that I have the work-life balance that I have always wanted."

- Anjali Banka, Lawyer

"My experience has straddled both legal and business, having started my career at large Boston-area law firms before moving back home to Toronto to work in finance/business roles. I had always enjoyed acting as legal counsel to growth companies and decided that I wanted to get back to doing so…but in a way that would better allow me to shape my practice towards my personal interests and that would give clients a cost-effective option for legal services. Caravel Law suited my needs, and I’ve really enjoyed working in this way. I’ve been able to bring more of my skills and experience to the table, get a better understanding of my clients’ businesses and have become a part of their teams as trusted in-house counsel."

- Kevin Shnier, Lawyer