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This year marks Caravel’s 18th anniversary, and 10 years since I joined the firm. The team and I are so proud to have pioneered and led the overhaul of business legal services in Canada. We are excited to continue down our path of accessibility and innovation. 

I started my career at a large Bay Street firm in Toronto and subsequently worked in-house at one of Canada’s most prominent news and media companies for several years. I later shifted my ambitions towards business and entrepreneurship. While the legal world had treated me well, my true passions were in starting and growing companies and I was fortunate enough that my legal expertise complimented these new pursuits well. While I was navigating changes in my entrepreneurial journey, Caravel was positioning itself as a legal disruptor and unique solution to legal pain points experienced by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Its focus on innovative technology to move the needle, together with low overhead costs and the highest quality of legal support was truly a secret sauce for success. When our paths crossed, it became immediately apparent to me that Caravel was the place for me. 

Caravel is focused on ensuring both happy clients and happy lawyers. While some traditional law firms are failing to change with the times, Caravel’s model of providing clients with leading-edge resources and solutions that are specifically tailored to their respective needs continues to attract more and more clients each year. It is our focus on innovation that allows us to stay ahead of our client’s needs and attract talented lawyers who want to be a part of this revolution. 

Caravel has set itself apart by focusing on three main tenants; legal technology, client happiness, and flexibility. Since opening, Caravel has been a pioneer in legal tech innovation, eager to explore new products to make services as effective and efficient as possible. We were one of the first law firms in Canada to hire a client happiness representative whose focus was to prioritize the satisfaction and happiness of both the clients and our team, creating a positive work environment for everyone that encountered it. Similarly, we were among the first to recognize the value of flexibility in the workplace with lawyers historically working remotely, allowing them to provide excellent client service without having to sacrifice valuable hours towards a useless commute. 

Dedication to these three areas has been a key component of our success. It has allowed us to find top quality legal talent across Canada at different stages in their career with both private practice and in-house experience and diverse industry expertise. It has helped us build a highly efficient back-office model with a top-quality team – assisting and supporting clients of all shapes and sizes. 

While we’re extremely proud of all that we’ve accomplished to date in partnership with our clients, we’re determined to make the next 18 years even better and more ground-breaking than the first. To our clients, lawyers and the Caravel team- thank you for the opportunity to work with you, serve you and grow with you.  We are thrilled to have you along for this fabulous ride.  

Jackie Dinsmore

Managing Partner

(416) 348-0313 ext 107
M: (647) 236-5505

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