Legal Health Assessment

With multiple projects on the go, budget cuts, and trying to navigate every new piece of legal tech popping up, you just don’t have time for it all. Caravel understands that you’re faced with unreasonable workloads, not enough time, and not enough resources. That’s why we’ve created our Legal Health Assessment, to help provide you with a clear path forward.

Services Provided

Your legal health assessment will provide:

• A list of potential legal risks to your organization that require any immediate attention.
• Clear recommendations to optimize your processes, efficiently using legal tech.
• A framework to determine how to allocate the legal work to optimize your legal spend.

How It Works

1. Client Interview Questionnaire

Complete a detailed interview questionnaire to provide necessary information about your business.

2. Research Meetings

A time will be set to meet with members of your team, where Caravel will do a deeper dive on your legal issues and processes.

3. Analysis

Combining these inputs with our extensive in-house experience and knowledge of best practices, Caravel will create a detailed plan for you.

4. Presentation of Final Legal Roadmap

Caravel will present its findings, and a roadmap to address any issues uncovered.​

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