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Both as legal support and as a business, our team thoroughly understands the importance of protecting privacy and data security to the fullest extent. Privacy & Data Security compliance should never be an afterthought, whether it is your own information out in the world or the security of the client information you store. Our team will help with:  

Businesses that collect, use, or share personal information face increasing risks and responsibilities in safeguarding individual privacy rights. Our privacy lawyers will provide expert guidance and support on how to comply with the applicable privacy laws and standards, such as PIPEDA. They will help businesses design and implement privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default strategies, manage data governance and security, handle data subject access requests and complaints, and defend against privacy claims and enforcement actions. In the digital age, privacy is a key concern for both businesses and consumers – we’re here to ensure you build and maintain trust and transparency with your customers, employees, and partners so your business can thrive. 

Businesses that handle personal data need to comply with various privacy laws and standards, both domestically and internationally. Our experts in privacy law are here to navigate privacy compliance, legal requirements, and best practices for you and your business. They can help you: 

  • Draft and update privacy policies, contracts, and notices;
  • Conduct privacy audits and risk assessments;
  • Respond to data breaches and requests from regulators and individuals;
  • Defend against privacy claims and disputes;
  • Offering tailored and practical advice on the privacy laws and frameworks that apply to their operations, such as PIPEDA; and 
  • Implement effective privacy governance and management. 

Don’t leave yourself to flounder in a sea of rules and regulations, we will help you meet the needs of your business, your clients, and the law.

Privacy and data security compliance doesn’t end at implementing policies, rather, a well-protected business will have operationalized their management of privacy and data security and data breach response to maintain long-term security. Our lawyers can help you: 

  • Conduct privacy and data security audits, assessments, and gap analyses to identify and mitigate risks, gaps, and compliance issues across the organization, its vendors, and its customers;
  • Advise on privacy and data security aspects of contracts, transactions, and partnerships, such as data processing agreements, data sharing agreements, data transfer mechanisms, and due diligence;
  • Design and implement practices, such as data minimization, pseudonymization, encryption, access controls, and privacy impact assessments, to enhance the protection and quality of personal data and sensitive information; and 
  • Preparing and executing data breach response plans, protocols, and notifications, in coordination with internal and external stakeholders, such as IT, legal, PR, regulators, and affected individuals, to contain, investigate, and remediate data breaches and to comply with legal and contractual obligations.

Caravel’s experts are at your disposal and prepared to:

  • Advise on legal and regulatory requirements and best practices for protecting personal and sensitive data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or breach;
  • Draft, review, and update cybersecurity policies and procedures that align with the business objectives, risk appetite, and compliance obligations of the organization;
  • Conduct cybersecurity audits, assessments, and gap analyses to identify and address any vulnerabilities, gaps, or weaknesses in the existing cybersecurity policies and procedures;
  • Respond to and manage cybersecurity incidents and breaches, including notifying and communicating with the affected parties, regulators, law enforcement, and other stakeholders, as well as mitigating and resolving any legal claims, liabilities, or sanctions;
  • Negotiate and draft cybersecurity clauses and agreements with third parties, such as service providers, partners, or customers, to ensure that they adhere to the same or equivalent cybersecurity standards and obligations as the organization; and
  • Monitor and update your cybersecurity policies and procedures to reflect the evolving cybersecurity threats, trends, and technologies, as well as the changing legal and regulatory landscape.

Our lawyers understand the nuances of privacy and data security regulations from a legal and executive perspective and pride themselves on providing world class legal advice that considers the expectations of the law and the wellness of your business.

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