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Founders of growing companies have a lot on their plate. And as their organization grows, their legal needs become increasingly demanding and complex. 

With reduced budgets and increased workloads, even companies with in-house legal counsel are feeling the squeeze. In a study by Gartner, 68% of corporate legal [lawyers] said they struggled to manage their workload in 2020. 

Many GCs are simply trying to get through their day-to-day and often don’t have the time or resources to analyze the overall health of their organization’s legal operations. 

This lack of oversight puts businesses at risk of unknown legal issues down the road, resulting in time-consuming and expensive roadblocks that hinder their ability to drive their company forward.  

A legal roadmap

Enter Caravel Law’s Legal Health Assessment. This service is designed to help over-stretched founders and in-house counsel get a comprehensive review of their legal operations to help scale and grow their business with confidence. 

This unique offering provides an analysis of your business’s legal needs. It’s specifically designed to find ways to maximize ever-shrinking legal budgets and utilize legal technology to streamline and automate legal processes within your business. 

Our Legal Health Assessment looks at several critical legal aspects within your business, including: 

  • Legal spending and budget allocation 
  • Contract and vendor management
  • IP and personal data protection
  • Litigation and matter management
  • Legal document management and storage 
  • Risk management
  • Board, shareholder and corporate governance 
  • Human resources 

How our Legal Health Assessment works

To get started with your Legal Health Assessment, you’ll be assigned a team of Caravel’s lawyers, each with years of in-house general counsel experience at some of Canada’s biggest companies. 

Your legal team will follow a simple four-step process to complete your Legal Health Assessment: 

  1. Client interview questionnaire 

The first step of the process involves completing a client interview questionnaire so you can provide critical information about your organization’s legal processes. 

  1. Legal operations deep dive

Once the questionnaire is complete, our team of lawyers will review your responses and then set up a meeting to interview your team and conduct a deeper dive into your legal operations. 

  1. Analysis and assessment creation

Our team will use their findings from the meeting and the answers you provided in your questionnaire to create a detailed and customized Legal Health Assessment presentation. 

  1. Presentation of your Legal Health Assessment 

The last step is a presentation of your Legal Health Assessment by your legal team that outlines potential legal risks to your organization and recommendations to improve efficiencies and allocate legal work to optimize your legal spending.

A clear path forward 

Our Legal Health Assessment provides expert guidance to optimize your legal processes. It also includes a priority temperature check to highlight more urgent recommendations that require immediate attention.

This assessment is also useful to share with your Board of Directors to demonstrate that a team of qualified experts has completed legal due diligence and risk management for your company. 

Once presented with the recommendations, organizations can choose to execute the plan in-house or seek out external legal counsel to help carry out the plan. 

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