Contract Automation

Time spent worrying about legal is time spent away from building your business. Caravel now offers a contract automation software service so you can get back to focussing on growing your business. Using the latest technology to help automate contract processes, our solution will auto-generate legal documents and organize them in one central location. Get ready to close deals faster with this efficient tool.

Services Provided

Caravel is leading the way in innovating how our clients work with legal professionals. 

• Contract management system with dashboard to view all documents
• Automated contract templates
• Request reviews from Caravel lawyers in one button click
• A.I. tech to store emailed contracts within your client portal
• Simple eSigning feature
• Library of automated contracts

Client Testimonial

Get Coding

“Before starting an engagement, CARAVEL lawyers met with us multiple times to ensure they understood our requirements. They offered valuable insights and communicated with us frequently throughout the work. They even set up our company with online legal management software. All of this was done professionally at a reasonable rate. We will certainly be working with them consistently going forward.”

Sahand Seifi
CTO & Co-Founder, Get Coding


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