Client Feature: Grantbook

Who is Grantbook?

Grantbook is a B-Corp certified technology consulting company dedicated to helping grantmaking organizations plan, select, implement and optimize their philanthropy tech. Their mission is to uplift changemakers around the world by helping operationalize transformational grantmaking — to that end, they take into consideration a company’s people, process and tool choices when helping them choose or upgrade their technology. 


How we helped

As a rapidly growing team serving changemakers globally, Grantbook had a wide range of legal needs including real estate, employment, contract and governance law. Caravel lawyer, Robert Bosenius, helped Grantbook revise their Professional Services Agreement, to which they have already heard great feedback from clients on what a balanced and fair contract it is — exactly what they were looking for.


"We were thrilled to discover Caravel in 2021 and have been consistently delighted with the expertise, responsiveness, and sheer approachability of their team. From the beginning, Caravel committed to understanding our unique business needs and the values we hold dear, and they continue to provide a range of great legal talent as well as great humans. Thanks, Caravel!"

- Nikki Barrett
CEO, Grantbook

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