Jacqueline Dinsmore

Co-Managing Partner

Jackie Dinsmore is a trailblazer in the legal field and a role-model in both law and business. Jackie started her career on Bay Street, and later moved into an in-house role at one of Canada’s largest media companies- a very similar path to that of Caravel’s own lawyers. Jackie not only comes from a legal background but an entrepreneurial one, founding, growing and successfully exiting several start-up ventures. She was one of the founding figures of Caravel Law back in 2015, where she played a pivotal role in expanding the firm’s client base, enhancing its reputation, and assembling a team of exceptionally talented legal professionals. Serving as a Co-Managing Partner at Caravel Law, she now oversees a team of over 100 lawyers, driving optimal customer success and sales operations to foster sustainable growth.

While overseeing the firm’s success, Jacqueline has also prioritized women’s success. She is dedicated to empowering women in law and their entrepreneurial pursuits, striving for the success of women-run businesses, particularly in the recent troubling economic conditions. As just one example, she is on the Board of Opportunity International Canada which provides microfinance loans, training and support to women entrepreneurs in developing countries.    

Jackie’s exceptional leadership has propelled Caravel Law to a triumphant position in the legal landscape. She helps businesses understand that the traditional model is not the only resource for entrepreneurs and in-house law departments seeking cost-effective and practical legal solutions. Jacqueline is an industry disruptor and innovator, always seeking ways to improve the status quo and help ensure the success of her peers, clients and fellow entrepreneurs.