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At Caravel Law, we are always looking for ways to improve our services and make our clients’ lives easier. That’s why we use some of the most innovative and powerful tools in the legal industry to streamline our workflows, automate our processes, and enhance our quality.

Caravel will be hosting a Legal Tech Showcase on May 2nd, highlighting four of our amazing tech partners. All of the companies showcased are Canadian, we are proud to support Canadian innovators and the cutting-edge work they are doing in the legal space.

Meet Athennian, Dealcloser, Haloo and Spellbook!


Athennian is a cloud-based platform that lets you seamlessly integrate, collaborate, and navigate the complexities of multinational governance — all on a single platform. Athennian’s products help legal, finance, and tax teams be transaction and audit-ready by organizing business entity and corporate structure information. Over 370,000 business entities in almost every country are managed on Athennian to automate workflows for ownership, company secretarial, governance, tax, and compliance.

To provide our clients with the best corporate legal services, Caravel relies on Athennian’s innovative legal tech to help us manage 250 entities across various provinces. We have also integrated over 150 of our own precedents with Athennian’s 635 automated precedents, creating a powerful document generation system. Additionally, we use Athennian’s task automation feature to streamline our processes and save time. Our clients get easy access to their corporate records that can be shared with their financial team without any hassle. Our team of experienced law clerks is always ready to assist you with your corporate matters, using Athennian as a tool to deliver fast, and cost-effective results.

Dealcloser: Dealcloser is an all-encompassing platform designed to simplify and expedite legal transactions for corporate legal professionals and deal teams of any size. It streamlines the process by offering features such as project checklists, version control, document automation, collaboration tools, various signing options, and closing binders. This platform lets you skip the tedious manual work traditionally associated with legal deals, allowing users to work remotely with ease, efficiency, and precision. By using Dealcloser, teams can accelerate the deal-closing process, cut costs, minimize risks, and enhance client satisfaction.

Caravel leverages Dealcloser as an automated support to the deal closing process, allowing for our lawyers to work faster and more efficiently. What’s more — their document automation system reduces risk of possible errors and their client portal allows you to see the status of your deal at any time.

Haloo: Trademark registration can be a daunting and expensive process. Haloo is an AI-powered tool built to help small businesses navigate the trademark registration process. Haloo offers an Application Builder which simplifies the trademark application process by reviewing application language to ensure compliance with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) standards. Haloo also helps to streamline the application process.

Caravel leverages Haloo’s AI-powered legal search that supports in the preparation of trademark registrations. Through Haloo’s AI search, Caravel is also able to deliver a trademark watch service which allows us to monitor trademarks for potential infringements of your trademark rights. This service covers both US and Canadian jurisdictions, classes, and types of marks depending on needs and budget. Caravel’s watch service leverages Haloo to identify attempts to register with trademark offices or use identical or similar marks and allow you to respond. Haloo’s tools help us navigate your IP needs more efficiently.

Spellbook: Spellbook is the first generative AI copilot for legal professionals. Spellbook uses GPT-4 and other large language models to review and suggest terms for your contracts, right in Microsoft Word. Spellbook is trained on billions of lines of legal text, including case databases, form libraries, and statutes, ensuring accurate and relevant language in a nuanced, legal context. Spellbook even learns and uses your preferences over time. Their redline functionality also allows users to modify a legal document based on any instruction, like “negotiate” or “repurpose this contract for a new deal”. Spellbook takes care of the drudgery so your lawyers can trim down their time with a contract and focus their energy on strategic work.

Caravel has been working with the Spellbook team for several years. We were early testers and collaborators with their team on the development of their software. Currently, some of our lawyers use Spellbook’s AI copilot to draft and review contracts. The lawyers find it easy to use, especially as it integrates seamlessly into their existing legal workflow. We are convinced that Spellbook represents the future of contract drafting and review as it augments and enhances lawyers’ efficiency and work output.

Learn more about how Caravel and its legal tech partners are revolutionizing the practice of law at our showcase event on May 2nd! Caravel leverages a variety of innovative tech solutions that have transformed both our client and legal professionals’ experience. Representatives from Athenian, Dealcloser, Haloo and Spellbook will present their tools and share valuable insights on their services. Caravel’s showcase will give you the opportunity to not only see how Caravel is leveraging these resources, but to ask questions about these cutting-edge tech tools and see how they could work for you.

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