Kendall Barban

Of Counsel

Kendall is a driven corporate lawyer with four years of expertise in drafting contracts and incorporations.


Corporate; Wills; Estates; Residential and Commercial Real Estate; Asset and Share Purchases; Vendor and Sales Agreements; Incorporations and Shareholder Agreements

Former firms & in-house roles:

OldField, Greaves, D’Agosinto Scriven, O’Neill DeLorenzi Nanne.

Kendall’s fervor lies in aiding entrepreneurs and burgeoning businesses in successfully navigating the complex, legal landscape of their endeavors. She is a versatile and experienced lawyer who successfully offers comprehensive assistance to clients by grasping their distinct business goals and effectively converting them into legal strategies. 

Kendall has conducted thorough legal research using a variety of resources, ensuring accuracy and relevance in legal analysis and has led intricate contract negotiations when facilitating asset and share sales. 

As a start-up lawyer, Kendall is well-prepared to assist clients in initiating and establishing their corporate entities across various business sectors. Kendall’s compassion is emitted through her vast volunteer work within the community. This same empathy and dedication resonate in her legal endeavours.

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