Keeping our Clients Happy to Better Serve their Needs

Caravel Law has long recognized the importance of building lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients. Our innovative services delivery approach of embedding our lawyers onsite with client teams has allowed us to learn their businesses more intimately

Several years ago, we introduced the role of Director of Lawyer and Client Happiness to focus on addressing the well being of both our lawyers and our clients. The outcome has seen increased levels of client satisfaction and an award-winning corporate culture.

However, as our team has now grown to nearly 50 lawyers and we bring on more and more clients daily, we want to ensure that we continue to focus equally on our lawyers and clients. We do not want to lose sight of our goal to provide top-notch legal services while maintaining a tremendous work environment.

Today we welcome Shari Zinman to our team as our new Director of Lawyer and Client Happiness. Shari joins us from LexisNexis, where she acted as Product Manager for the International, Legal and Business Markets. She is well versed in relationship management through developing and growing business relationships.

Shari’s new role will be multi-faceted and will involve regular client feedback through consistent communication. We want to hear our clients’ comments in order to address them and improve our service levels. Additionally, through frequent client events and programs, we hope to demonstrate our appreciation for the partnerships that we have formed together and intend to keep growing.

Shari will likely be in contact with you over the coming weeks as she settles into the new role, but please feel free to contact her at or 416-348-0313 to discuss any of your needs.

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