How lawyers can leverage powerful tools that don’t require coding knowledge


Director of Legal Innovation at Caravel Law, Monica Goyal, speaks with Canadian Lawyer Magazine to expand on how robotic and low-code process automation can create efficiencies for busy lawyers on a tight budget. In her article, Monica expresses that the legal community has turned to technology to continue its work during the pandemic. This is not by choice, but out of necessity.

She states, “Technology allows courts to facilitate access to justice, and brave new lawyers have increasingly adopted new tech to streamline and improve their work.”

Unfortunately for many lawyers, the cost of this legal technology is too high, and the solutions may not fit each specific practice area or business style. Due to the increase in demand for affordable legal tech, there have been considerable advancements in robotic process automation (RPA) and low-code process automation (LCAP) software solutions. These no-code software solutions often have an easy-to-understand graphical user interface that intuitively guides you through the application building process, while maintaining affordable usage fees.

Monica shares bold predictions made by Gartner about the RPA and LCAP market, including their forecast that in 2022, the low code application with a market size of $13.8 billion will grow by 30 per cent. Over the years, Monica has become familiar with several of these RPA and LCAP tools and recommends several solutions for lawyers.

For the full article and list of recommended RPA and LCAP tools, click here.


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