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Many of us at Caravel Law are parents struggling to keep our children engaged at home, and from our conversations, we know many of you are facing that same challenge. With that in mind, some of the members of our team in Alberta enlisted the help of a tutor to create a few educational sessions for children in grades one through eight. These online tutorials are based on the Alberta curriculum but we hope anyone in Canada with younger children can make use of one or more of these sessions.

We know that many of you are facing a number of challenges brought on by the current social and economic situation. In addition to the creation of complimentary legal content provided on our website and providing access to our free Help Desk, we also wanted to support families during this time in some small way. We hope these sessions are helpful to some of you.

If you do find them helpful and would like to see more sessions, please let us know. We’re happy to keep going if that would help.

Teaching videos
Handouts and PowerPoint Slides


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