COVID-19 – Ontario – Employment Update

Many of our clients who are facing some tough decisions regarding their people have reached out to us for help understanding the full range of options that exist for companies today. While some companies have been able to transition to a remote working arrangement and keep going, many are not able to do that or at least not with their full team.

Dan Black, one of the employment lawyers working with us, has now prepared an overview of the various options currently and generally available to employers for addressing employment-related business disruptions arising from the coronavirus/COVID-19. It is available to everyone by clicking on this link, Coronavirus/COVID-19 Business Continuity Spectrum.

This is a rather long document. We appreciate everyone’s time is limited at the moment, but we wanted it to be a more comprehensive overview that you could reference as needed.

We would also encourage you to listen to our most recent podcast, where Dan Black and Ellen Swan answer employment-related questions focused on the current situation. This is available on our website, or wherever you download your podcasts.


Disclaimer: These materials are not intended as legal advice. It is also impossible to cover all relevant details, and available rights and remedies will depend on the unique facts of each situation. For specific advice, please speak with your qualified legal counsel before making any decisions or taking any action. Additionally, the situation is extremely fluid and is changing on a daily basis. As things evolve, your best course of action could also evolve so please follow up-to-date and reliable sources for your information.

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