Case Study: Fractional General Counsel


One of Canada’s fastest growing tech companies was left short-handed when their GC decided to leave the company. They needed someone to take over responsibility for their legal work until a replacement could be hired, to be a strategic advisor to the leadership team during that time, and to help onboard the new general counsel to ensure a smooth transition.


One of Caravel’s lawyers was matched with the company quickly so that he would have some overlap with the departing general counsel. He supported the organization for 3 days each week over a period of 5 months while they searched for a new general counsel. He worked in the office at least one day each week, and remotely on the other days.

The company was able to take their time with their search to ensure they found the right person. They were able to keep all of their initiatives moving forward and continued to get the legal advice that they needed throughout the process. Finally they were able to smoothly and successfully onboard their new general counsel.

All with a flexible pricing model that made sense and allowed them to continue to grow and succeed.


"Caravel provided critical legal services during a critical transition period as we had a changing of the guard for our in-house counsel position. Our needs were addressed in an expeditious manner and the post was filled within days of identifying our needs. The lawyer assigned to us was able to get up to speed on the business priorities and become a contributing member of our team almost immediately."

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