COVID-19 – Ontario – Commercial Real-Estate/Leasing Update

Two of our commercial real estate lawyers, Esia Giaouris and Peter Prattas, have prepared this short piece, FAQ of Landlords and Tenants During These Uncertain Times, to address a few of the commercial leasing questions that businesses may be struggling with, such as:

Is your landlord obligated to offer you a rent concession?
Can someone suspend or terminate a commercial lease as a result of the current situation?
Do tenants still have to pay their rent if a landlord has made the decision to close the building?
Who pays for extra cleaning?

If you have questions about your specific lease or legal situation, please contact us directly by reaching out to to be put in contact with our experts directly.

Disclaimer: These materials are not intended as legal advice. It is also impossible to cover all relevant details, and available rights and remedies will depend on the unique facts of each situation. For specific advice, please speak with your qualified legal counsel before making any decisions or taking any action. Additionally, the situation is extremely fluid and is changing on a daily basis. As things evolve, your best course of action could also evolve so please follow up-to-date and reliable sources for your information.

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