Ep05 – Stories from a Founder: Product Development Challenges and Finding Success


For Episode 5 of the Business Decisions podcast, we’re joined by Allan Skok, the Co-Founder and CEO of Massago. ( Allan tells us about Massago, an app that brings a Registered Massage Therapist to your home or work on your schedule. We spend most of our time talking about how they built up Massago over the last four years – how he approached building his network of RMT’s, the keys to making it a safe and positive experience for both clients and RMT’s, and what it was like to transition from running a brick and mortar spa to becoming CEO of a tech company.
After the conversation with Allan, (19:00) we’re joined by Ellen Swan from Caravel Law. Ellen shares her thoughts on key points to focus on in agreements if you’re building a business based on using freelancers or contractors and also how business owners should think about their safety obligations when connecting freelance contractors with clients.
It’s important to note that Ellen Swan is sharing her thoughts on general topics and questions and not anyone’s specific business or legal situation. Nothing you hear on this podcast should be considered legal advice.
Host: Stuart Wood, Caravel Law
Theme Music: The Box Jellys
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