Ep21 – Stories from a Founder: Product Development Challenges and Finding Success

On this episode of the Business Decisions podcast, we’re joined by Michael Maleszyk of Cold Brew Club, a new subscription service that delivers cold brew coffee direct to your home or office, where it can be enjoyed either hot or cold. It’s made from ethically sourced, organic coffee beans and arrives cold in a convenient pouch that sits nicely on a shelf in your fridge. They tell their story here:
Mike outlines why and how he started this business and how much work has gone into developing their product. We also talk through the challenges of launching a new business in the middle of the Covid-19 situation. On the one hand, people are at home and looking for good coffee solutions, which has helped build their subscriber base quickly. One the other hand, the logistics involved in getting the product to people’s homes suddenly becomes much more difficult, and fundraising for a new business has some unique challenges right now.
Ultimately they were able to launch successfully and it’s an inspiring story of overcoming obstacles to bring a really high-quality product to market.
Cold Brew Club –
Host: Stuart Wood, Caravel Law
Theme Music: The Box Jellys
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