Ep18 – Shuttering a Business: Things to Consider


On this episode of the Business Decisions podcast, we’re joined by Greg Ramsay, a corporate and commercial lawyer with Caravel Law, based in Calgary, Alberta.
During this episode, we discuss some of the current challenges that businesses are faced with, if business as usual is just not an option yet. We also get into why are some business are electing to remain closed, or to continue in a restricted manner right now, even if they do have the option to re-open.
Greg shares how some of the companies that he works with are using this time to become more innovative, and how others are thinking through contract negotiations as a way to reduce cost and lengthen their runways.
For companies that will need additional resources to survive and succeed, we cover some of the financing options that these companies are considering. How are banks evaluating businesses right now? How is the current situation affecting the terms applied to any loans? What happened to financing deals that were underway when Covid-19 arrived? We get into all of these questions during this episode.
It’s important to note that Greg Ramsay is sharing his thoughts on general topics and questions and not anyone’s specific business or legal situation. Nothing you hear on this podcast should be considered legal advice.
Host: Stuart Wood, Caravel Law
Theme Music: The Box Jellys
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