Ep11 – Stories from a Founder: Product Development Challenges and Finding Success


For Episode 11 of the Business Decisions podcast, we’re joined by Tehsin Bhayani, the Founder & CEO of Serind Labs, and Founder & CEO of Air Mason. Serind Labs has been building apps for entrepreneurs for many years and has built up a strong reputation for their innovative work. Occasionally the developers work on projects as part of internal hackathons for fun and to build skills. One of the projects that emerged from Serind Labs was Air Mason, an application that helps companies create beautiful employee handbooks. Without a lot of effort from the Serind Labs team, Air Mason took off and acquired a number of customers, and soon Tehsin was working as the CEO of both companies. Tehsin talks with us about how Air Mason was created, how it grew organically and how he’s managed the process of spinning it out from Serind Labs as a stand alone business.
Following the conversation with Tehsin, (26:30) we’re joined by Anjali Banka, a corporate and commercial lawyer with Caravel Law. Anji shares her thoughts on what you should consider when spinning out a new idea as a separate business, and what some of the alternatives might be. She also talks through how two companies who are sharing a CEO, and/or sharing services and resources like HR and Finance, should think through those arrangements.
It’s important to note that Anjali Banka is sharing her thoughts on general topics and questions and not anyone’s specific business or legal situation. Nothing you hear on this podcast should be considered legal advice.
Host: Stuart Wood, Caravel Law
Theme Music: The Box Jellys
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