Ep02 – Shuttering a Business: Things to Consider

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For the second episode of the Business Decisions podcast I am delighted to be joined by Duwayne Wright, an incredibly talented producer, song writer and musician who, along with his partners, has built a very cool and very successful business, Alumni & Co. Duwayne shares some inside knowledge on the music industry, some of the challenges associated with protecting his work and how important it is to maintain a solid reputation in the industry. Duwayne is passionate about music and technology and has built a solid business by focusing on the work itself and building strong relationships in the industry. He’s very thoughtful about his craft and about helping artists and anyone trying to build a career in music or sound production.

As a special bonus, we also get to hear him in action as he creates a new track live on the podcast and he shares the finished result with us.

Following that conversation with Duwayne, I speak with Alex Stack, an intellectual property lawyer with Caravel Law. Alex shares his thoughts on how an artist can protect his/her work, and how to best defend yourself against any accusations that your work is not your own original creation.

It is important to note that Alex Stack is sharing his thoughts on general topics and questions and not anyone’s specific business or legal situation. Nothing you hear on this podcast should be considered legal advice.


Duwayne Wright –

Host: Stuart Wood, Caravel Law

Theme Music: The Box Jellys

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