Business Decisions – Neil Seeman, Author of Accelerated Minds


On this episode of the Business Decisions podcast, we’re joined by Neil Seeman, author of the recent book, Accelerated Minds – Unlocking the Fascinating, Inspiring, and Often Destructive Impulses that Drive the Entrepreneurial Brain. Neil is also the founder and CEO of RIWI and has successfully endeavored into several different fields including law and public health. 

Neil explains how his father’s work in dopamine research inspired him to write this book and explore why it’s important for entrepreneurs, and those who love them, to be aware of the effects of dopamine as they take risks, overcome obstacles and build companies. We discuss the various types of entrepreneurs, their recognition, and their relationships with dopamine. We also explore why showing vulnerability as an entrepreneur feels so risky but can have such positive benefits. Specifically, the benefits of stepping away when needed, unplugging, having thoughtful human interactions, or taking what Neil calls micro-vacations.  

If you are an entrepreneur, or have one in your life, and want to better understand the mental side of the journey, this episode and this book is for you! 

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