COVID-19 – Canada – Caravel Law Complimentary Help Desk

Announcing the Caravel Law Complimentary Advisory Service

Many are going through challenges – both personal and professional. We know that dealing with these challenges and contemplating the costs of legal and other advisory assistance on top can be overwhelming. We want to do our best to give advice where it’s needed without any charges, and if more help is required, we will do all we can to make that assistance as accessible as possible.

If you need help dealing with the current circumstances unleashed by COVID19 – please let us know.

Or if you know any other businessperson who needs any kind of consultation, please direct them to Joe Milstone at:

Joe, one of Caravel Law’s co-founders, has spent the last 20 plus years helping start-ups, technology companies and businesses/organizations of all kinds deal with legal and business-related issues. He will be coordinating our efforts here and will respond to all emails and attempt to speak with you directly at no charge. Joe, and others, will do what they can to help.

Caravel’s roots and soul are in helping Canadian SME’s and their entrepreneurs survive and thrive so we’re here for you as always to make sure both those things happen and continue. Please reach out – we’re here to help.

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