Our Approach

Our clients have varying legal needs, and we have built our organization to fit any requirement. Because your needs matter, we offer the flexibility of working how and when you need us. In-house? Offsite? Short or long term? Our team can provide as much or as little support as you need and our Director of Client and Lawyer Happiness helps by advising on which type of service makes the most sense for your business.

Types of Services:

Overflow Work

Whether you currently have in-house counsel or not, there always seems to be more work that needs attention from the legal team. Let us help with that overflow work. Our team comes equipped with esteemed credentials and practical in-house experiences; so, we can help you see the bottom of the inbox and keep your business partners and customers happy with efficient, on-time responses.

Subject Matter Expertise

Maybe you have lots of time to get legal work done, but you don’t have the legal expertise to do it. Whether you are a trained lawyer or not, you have no choice but to send this work to an outside legal expert. Employment, privacy, anti-spam, money laundering, technology, corporate transactions, litigation, immigration, franchising, real estate, leasing and more, our team of 50+ cream of the crop lawyers are proficient in many areas of law relevant to your business. We are ready and available to complete the work that you just can’t.

Parental, Medical or other Leave Coverage

Perhaps your current in-house lawyer is heading off on maternity, paternity or sick leave, either for a short or longer term. We know your legal work cannot be paused while they are absent. Sending this work to traditional outside firms is costly and impractical. Law firm secondments often come with strings attached, with expectations of future financial commitments from you. Plus, their lawyers have never worked in-house like we have. With our very low attrition rates at Caravel, you will have the peace of mind that your leave will be covered for its duration with top quality, cost-effective, in-house experienced talent. And no strings attached

Proactive Projects

We have all heard the common frustration that the “urgent crowds out the important”. Do you have a document retention policy project that has been sitting on the side of your desk for months? Are your contracts managed and organized so they can be easily identified when a big ask comes along? How are your minute books looking- clean and up to date? Our clients often spend their time putting out urgent fires on day to day matters, instead of getting to important work that will help the company in the long term. Caravel lawyers can devote a block of time to these projects without distraction- a few weeks or a month or two, which means these tasks get done quickly, efficiently and effectively. And this means you get to sleep better at night.

How We Work:

Onsite or Remote

Our lawyers can work for no additional cost onsite at your office, remotely (like a traditional law firm) or a combination of both – whatever suits you best. We work as an embedded member of your team, so we really get to know your business and operations. We can work alongside your existing in-house legal counsel or for companies without a legal team already in place, we can be your fractional General Counsel. If and when you are ready to hire permanently, the Caravel engagement can either end or can be modified/reduced to be on an ad hoc/if needed basis with no commitment ongoing. Simple as that.

Pricing: Hourly, Daily, Monthly, or Fixed Fee!

We can work on an ad hoc/if needed hourly basis (per hour charge like traditional law firms but much less). We can also work on a further discounted volume rate. Choose 1,2,3,4, or 5 days, and we will charge a fixed daily rate loosely based on 8 working hours per day. Want to purchase a block of hours at a discount to be used in a month? We do that too! Unlike most firms that shy away from fixed pricing, we are happy to scope out the work and provide you a fixed fee, so that is all you pay. We are flexible to work with what suits you and the situation best.

Interested in working with us?

Our Client Happiness Specialist will match you with a lawyer from our team.

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