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This year marks our firm’s 18th Anniversary – we’re proud to have pioneered, and led the overhaul of business legal services in Canada. 

We both worked at big law firms, and then in-house, Joe in the telecom and gaming industries and Rubsun in technology. When we launched 18 years ago under our former name, Cognition LLP, we knew that businesses of all shapes and sizes, both with and without their own legal departments, were looking for a better way to receive the highest quality legal services and solutions, with greater value, innovation, business knowledge and cost efficiency than the traditional law firm model provided. That remains true today. 

Delivering legal solutions in a better way continues to be a great idea. As traditional law firms are shrinking, Caravel’s model of providing clients with the resources and solutions that are specifically tailored to their respective needs and operational contexts continues to attract more and more clients each year. 

At the same time, we are equally proud to have served as a refreshing option for top quality legal talent to continue practising in their chosen profession on their own terms. Most of our lawyers started their careers at one of the top law firms in Canada and then went on to hold in-house counsel positions. This dual level of experience enables us to provide an in-house counsel mindset and approach for organizations that otherwise don’t have in-house counsel, or to supplement an existing legal department. 

We have always understood that clients want to pay us for our legal expertise, but not for fancy offices, lavish functions and retreats, and art collections. We work hard to keep our fixed costs low, and our profit expectations in reasonable check, so that we can price far less expensively than traditional law firms and deliver exceptional value to our clients. We use technology in a way that makes our work smarter and more efficient. We’re most encouraged that this approach has resulted in Caravel receiving NPS scores from our clients that are 4x the industry average. 

While we’re extremely proud of all that we’ve accomplished to date in partnership with our clients, we’re even more determined to make the next 18 years even better and more ground-breaking than the first.


Joe Milstone

Co-founder, Owner

(416) 348-0313 ext 101

Rubsun Ho

Co-founder, Owner

(416) 348-0313 ext 101


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