Client Feature: SocialRobots


Long-term care (LTC) facilities and retirement homes have been receiving a lot of public scrutinies since the COVID pandemic exacerbated some of the key challenges they have faced for years – chronic staff shortages, staff turnover and the loneliness and boredom many of their residents experience as they transition to assisted living.

Social Robots Inc. is a technology start-up and social enterprise focused on addressing these very challenges. With the support of an Investor Readiness grant from the Oakville Community Foundation, founder Lee St. James is in the midst of two pilot tests designed to gather feedback as part of their roadmap to develop a digital platform and training materials to support the adoption of social robots by recreation staff. Early feedback from both staff and residents is extremely encouraging. Lee expects to finalize the first commercially available solution by September 2021.


Caravel Lawyers Steven London and Monica Goyal worked together with Lee St James of SocialRobots to very quickly develop a solution that worked best for this innovative and growing company. A joint venture business model was discussed and advisements were given effectively and efficiently. Caravel Lawyers successfully worked on an NDA and participation agreements, as well as a digital minute book, created using MinuteBox. SocialRobots forges ahead, without needing ongoing legal support, and is able to continue delivering exceptional service to their clients.




“Caravel offers expert legal support with a flexible approach that is tailored to the needs of your business. The lawyers I have dealt with during my first year as a client were impressive. I was happy to have specialized expertise basically on-demand with no need to brief each one about my business. I highly recommend the Caravel team to fellow entrepreneurs and business owners looking for legal advice. As a robotics and tech start-up, I am also delighted with their advanced use of technology to streamline operations and minimize overhead costs.”

- Lee St James
President & Founder, Social Robots Inc.

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