Client Feature: Massago


Massago is an exciting start-up that is changing the way Canadians can get a therapeutic massage. With Massago, the massage comes to you! Using their app, you can arrange for one of their amazing RMT’s to come to your home, at the time that is most convenient for you. Massago was built on the idea that busy people can’t always take the time to go to the spa or clinic to get a therapeutic massage. Rather than having to book days in advance for an appointment, they can get a treatment from Massago when they need it most – on short notice. And Massago is the only on-demand service that works exclusively with Registered Massage Therapists, so leveraging your health benefits has never been easier. Book, track and pay for your service, right through the app.

Massago was building their team of massage therapists to provide the in-home services. These RMT’s would be independent contractors, and Massago needed an agreement that would make sense for both sides. It also would need to reflect the unique situation of their business and ensure that the safety of the RMT’s, along with that of the Massago clients: that was a top priority.


Caravel Lawyer Dan Black, worked together with Massago to very quickly develop a solution that worked best for this innovative and rapidly growing organization. A new Contractor Agreement, that could be used for all their RMT’s, was created effectively and efficiently. Keeping costs down, they solved for their existing situation, as well as for the future, as they continue to scale up their teams.  Massago forges ahead, without needing ongoing legal support, and is able to continue delivering exceptional service to their clients.


“As far as I’m concerned, Caravel has set the bar when it comes to customer service, turnaround times, fair billing, and keeping communication at the right level so we can don’t spend hours decoding rhetorical emails.”

- Allan Skok
CEO, Massago

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